Friday, November 12, 2010

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Many think that the experience of getting a new tattoo stops when the tattoo artist is done inking. Truth is this is only half the process. The healing process and care for your new tattoo is just as important. Let's look at the proper way to care for a new tattoo

Your tattoo artist will recommend the products you should use for caring for your new tattoo Most will give a few free samples to get you started. These professionals know what works best, take their advice, but be sure and let them know if you have any allergies or start having any type of reaction to the products the suggest.

After your tattoo artist gets done with your new tattoo they will apply some ointment and cover the tattoo with a sterile bandage. Make sure and leave it on for the time they suggest. Normally this is a couple of hours.

The first time you remove the bandage doing it very carefully. Then wash you tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm clean water. When washing and drying your new tattoo use a patting motion. Never rub or scrub the area.

Pictures of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos depict a lot of symbols and are deeply rooted in history. In some instances they represent cultural expressions of spirits, blessings and status. Others could also mean protection and the relationship of earth to the cycle of life. Considered as one of the first tattoos imprinted by accident, they were first used by primitives by playing around with fire. Perhaps it started when someone got poked with a burnt or charred stick and realized this left a permanent mark upon the body.

Alien and UFO Tattoo Pictures

So you wanted to be different and unique? It is your desire to get maximum attention from your friends, relatives and the community? Get yourself an alien tattoo design that would fulfill your wish for attention and popularity.
We have not encountered real aliens. What we have are the artist's imagination and interpretation of accounts of supposedly alien encounter that we saw on TV, movies, magazines and other media. It might be that the mystery and the stories attributed to aliens attract us toward them but we cannot deny that we are easily enthralled by these accounts and it stirs our imagination.
Alien tattoo designs are now accessible in many varieties. You may select a horrible but gentle creature. There are artist's rendering of famous aliens characters in Star Wars, E.T., Mack and Me, Alien, and many others. They are depicted as slimy green being, horrible flesh-eating beasts, or simply red cute individuals with antenna like ears (they are identified as coming from Mars).
If you want something deep, hideous, and terrifying option for your alien tattoo, you must settle for dark and heavy colors. A side drawing or text with tribal and psychedelic theme would be a good accent to your alien body mark. You may place this complicated and enigmatic design on your full or half arm length, chest, abdomen or back areas.
Cute and friendly-looking aliens look well when drawn onto your forearm, ankle area, and the upper arm. Again, heavy and dark colors will give it the perfect alien look.
Check on the artistic ability of your tattooist and evaluate his or her skill to innovate and improve any alien tattoo design. Make sure that he or she knows well the project and will do it with complete confidence.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Space Tattoo robot

Space Tattoo robot

Alien Tattoo Pictures

Alien Tattoo Pictures
Alien Tattoo Pictures
Alien Tattoo PicturesAlien Tattoo Pictures

Tattoo of a female alien.

Tattoo of a female alien.Tattoo of a female alien.

Alien tattoo on back of the head.

Alien tattoo on back of the head.Alien tattoo on back of the head.

Biomech style alien skull tattoo.

Biomech style alien skull tattoo.Biomech style alien skull tattoo.

Outer space UFO tattoo.

Outer space UFO tattoo.
Outer space UFO tattoo.

Full color alien tattoo.

Full color alien tattoo.
Full color alien tattoo.

Baby alien tattoo.

Baby alien tattoo.Baby alien tattoo.

Tattoo of 3 aliens and a lotus flower.

Tattoo of 3 aliens and a lotus flower
Tattoo of 3 aliens and a lotus flower

Prer style alien tattoodato.

Prer style alien tattoodato.Prer style alien tattoodato

HH Giger style alien tattoo.

HH Giger style alien tattoo.HH Giger style alien tattoo.